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Lorenzo Pezzano

cinematographer, camera and steadicam operator

based in Venice, Italy

Director of photography and camera operator, he has worked on documentaries, long-feature films, short films, music videos and commercials for the past twenty-eight years. His narrative work includes: L'Uomo che Verrà by Giorgio Diritti (2009, steadicam operator), Una Sconfinata Giovinezza by Pupi Avati (2010, camera operator and steadicam), Il Leone di Vetro by Salvatore Chiosi (2014, director of photography), Una Nobile Causa by Emilio Briguglio (2015, director of photography), On my shoulders by Antonello Belluco (2018, director of photography). In 2010 he made his first documentary as an author and director: I Televisionari, When in Italy TV was Free, followed in 2014 by Sperduti nel Buio.

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